Group Classes

Statistics have proven people workout harder and experience increased benefits more consistently when they workout with somebody rather than by themselves.  We provide a small group atmosphere that encourages individuals to get the most out of their workout while still maintaining the personal, one on one training connection. Through this training structure, individuals form a unique bond with other like-minded individuals they share a similar healthy lifestyle journey with.

Yoga [60 minutes] Foundation building yoga class teaching students how to engage all muscle groups by cued breath to movement through a vinyasa flow style. Beginner friendly, all levels encouraged.

Total Body Training [60 minutes] HIIT style training while using the bare minimum equipment. Lightweight, box jumps, medicine balls, resistance bands, etc. Basically, anything that can replicate something you can easily find in your outside environment or at home!

Yoga + [60 minutes] 40 minutes of various Yoga Postures + 20 minutes of HIIT with resistance bands and cardio.

Resistance Bands [30 minutes] Resistance bands are an amazing piece of equipment used for an added challenge while performing basic movements but still protect your joints. This class promotes increasing secondary muscle group activation to increase overall strength & conditioning for both primary and secondary muscle groups. 30 minutes is all you will need to feel the burn!

Core + Glutes [30 minutes] Increasing core strength is the key building block to see transformations throughout the entire body. This short 30-minute class emphasizes core & glute movements because everybody wants to build a booty and have abs!

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