Mari M.

“I started training with Amber in July and I have noticed my body change both physically and mentally. When I started I weighed 185 lbs and was wearing a size 12 in pants. I am now 167 lbs and wearing a size 9 in pants! Three pants sizes and 18lbs down may not seem like a lot to some people but I’ve done this by working out for only 2 hours a week with Amber and still eating my favorite foods and drinking my booze (in more moderation).

My mental change has been the most noticeable. First, I made a commitment to my self that I was going to get in shape.  I was the biggest I had ever been in my life and unhappy in my own skin. When I started training, one thing that Amber did was recommend very small goals to focus on to help my nutrition. Things I knew should be done but never did until I started working out with her. I noticed right away a curve in my appetite, I wouldn’t eat junk food all day like I used to. When I had my workout days, I focused a little more on my nutrition because I didn’t want to feel like crap during my workout.  I was there for my early morning sessions on Saturdays regardless of what I decided to do on Friday night because I made that commitment to myself.

Training with Amber has changed my lifestyle but it has been one of the easiest transitions I’ve ever done. Once I started to see the inches and pounds coming off it gave me confidence and motivation to keep it going. It also made me start making healthier food choices and portion control on my favorite foods.” 

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