Group Class Experience

“Amber’s classes are different from any other workout I’ve done. Her style of training motivates you the entire time when you’re in class. She will jump in next to you for motivation if she notices you’re struggling to finish your sets. She doesn’t put you on the spot when you’re struggling with something, she actually will modify the exercise so you can do it.”

“Her classes are a challenging but it definitely feels rewarding at the end. They help me release stress, anger, and frustration without even realizing it until my workout is over.  She makes me push myself and focus on getting through it rather than stopping. Afterwards, I feel great, sore but great. The soreness makes me feel like I’ve done something every time. I actually look forward to my classes, they are a great time out from all the chaos in my life.”

“Working out in a group atmosphere is such a huge factor in my journey. We pushed each other, motivated each other, laughed together and made moves towards our individual goals together. Yes, you can do it alone.  However, it’s easier and more fun when you have someone there supporting you.”

“I have tried many programs; always battling the “burn out” factor.  Amber makes you work hard and pushes you to the point you just don’t think you can do it anymore; just when you think your body has had enough, she is there to encourage you. Those things have allowed me to push through the pain and believe in myself!”